Single Family & Townhouse Design

Urbane Architects has worked with many homeowners and candidates to build their dream home in Washington DC. The projects can range from townhouse additions in Washington DC to new single family homes in Rockville MD, Fairfax VA or weekend houses anywhere on the east coast. Warm, modern design is something the clients across the board appreciate about Urbane Architects’ work. At the same time each design is custom designed according to the life style of each client.

Oversee and Manage Projects
As a homeowner, you’ll notice that overseeing a construction project is a lot of work and can cause an enormous amount of anxiety. Urbane Architects can also help manage the bid process through project completion from seeking proposals, identifying the best option, negotiating a coherent contract, and managing the execution of construction. This way you can be confident your construction will be done correctly, on time and on budget the first time.

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