Multifamily Family & Mixed Use Architecture

Washington DC has been growing tremendously similar to many other US cities in the last two decades. The city has inherited a huge stock of townhouses from the 19th and 20th centuries, but still the city’s population has yet to catch up with the maximum population reached at 1950’s. Changing demographics of the city require adaptation of the existing townhouses into residential flats, office space and restaurants. Mixed use projects and condo conversions has been one of the most sought after design services that Urbane Architects successfully delivers in Washington DC.

Good command of the new zoning regulations adopted in 2016 in DC, the DC permitting process, timeline and standards, and a deep understanding of the ever changing demographics in DC neighborhoods are the key assets that Urbane Architects bring into these projects. As always, Urbane Architects’ great design talent finds its value in both affordable and high-end projects.

Zoning Regulations, Design Excellence
Urbane Architects understands its responsibility towards the community as a licensed architect while creating the maximum value for its clients. It works as the liaison between the developers, home owners or institutions who need buildings and the DC zoning administration which regulates the city scape. Practicing predominantly in Washington DC, Urbane Architects is very competent in navigating through DC regulations creating maximum value for its clients and high quality design for the community.

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