We believe the built environment reveals the character of society and architecture is the most influential discipline shaping it. This perspective sets our professional responsibility towards our clients and the community.

Our design approach starts with understanding our clients’ vision, and continues through an interactive and iterative process to deliver thoughtful design solutions with a high level of client service.

We embrace classical principals of architecture; beauty, utility and durability. We also consider client service and customer satisfaction as indispensable parts of our operation.

Sustainability is an integral part of our design process. Zero Carbon Footprint in energy usage and “cradle to cradle” material recycling are some of the sustainable goals we endeavor to achieve in our practice. Leed certification and rating system is a tool that we encourage our clients to embark upon at each of our projects.

At each project and at each scheme, we strive for a highly aesthetic design, fitting into its surrounding, with elegant proportions, a clear parti, and a material palette responding to its time and place.